Why Soundproofing is a Great Home Improvement Option

So, you have a little money saved or your financing in place and are ready to make some improvements to your home. But with so many choices you can make, where do you begin to decide what part of the house you want to improve?

A lot of people don’t think very much about soundproofing when it comes to home improvement options. However, it is one of the really great choices you can make to enhance quality of life for you and your family.

Even in newer homes, the soundproofing is likely just the minimum required amount of insulation that stands between you and the noise of the outdoors. While your walls and roofing materials do help with noise inhibition, they don’t do enough to even begin to compare with the materials manufactured for soundproofing.

When you soundproof, you add privacy to your life. There are many reasons you may want to soundproof, but among them the greatest reason is probably that you want more privacy. Whether you want to keep your family business private or shield the adults in the house from a noisy teen or from your childrens’ playroom, soundproofing will be your answer.

Soundproofing works by blocking sound with materials that absorb it. Sound penetration is measured by what is called Sound Transmission Class, or STC. This follows a standard method of assessing universally used and accepted ratings by designers, architects, and manufacturers.

This system determines and rates how effectively certain materials absorb noise. Not surprisingly, older homes often end up with the lowest STC rating because they just weren’t built to take noise into account.

Poor STC Rates are: 30-39

Good: 40-49

Better: 50-59

Excellent: 60-69

The higher the rating, the better the material absorbs sound. In order to soundproof your home, you need to be sure you have properly insulate wall with the highest STC ratings.

Soundproofing can be done through the use of specialized drywall and insulation that increases the mass of the structure, or by opening up a wall or ceiling to boost space. These changes affect the flow of noise transmission within the room by altering the acoustics.

If you’re tired of noise pollution interfering with your life, you will want to look into your soundproofing options.

There’s just no better gift you can give yourself or your family if you are suffering from noise in your home. The home is supposed to be a place of comfort where we can get away from our busy work and social life and relax.

If instead, you come home to noise and more noise, you are likely going to suffer. Westco Contractors has the solution for you.

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