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Nu Wall Inc. are leaders in the art of drywall through the talented hands of our highly experienced employees, all of which are passionate about the finished product. Our goal is to exceed
your expectations regarding quality and service by working in partnership with you. Our drywall and plaster finishing experts specialize in high-end residential finishing, our niche is specializing in true "Level 5 Gallery" interior smooth-wall finishes and exterior smooth "Santa Barbara" steel trowel stucco finish. Nu Wall Inc. strive to provide the highest quality product on time every time. We seek highly detailed and challenging jobs so that we continue to improve our skills and processes.

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Drywall Installation

We depend on drywall to create smooth, durable surfaces throughout the house. Like any construction material, drywall can look great when it’s installed properly. That’s why you’ll want to call Nu Wall Inc. when considering a project that involves drywall or related services such insulating and painting.

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For centuries, stucco has been known for its durability. Tough, long lasting, abuse and impact resistant, its performance in a variety of climates, enduring wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles and the extreme desert heat, has made stucco the global standard in cladding materials. Stucco is the most durable and long lasting wall finish.

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Nu Wall Inc. provides installation services of complete soundproofing systems that will overpower all types of noise problems in any room, commercial or residential. Our vast experience in sound proof installation and drywall installation includes soundproof walls, sound-rated windows, sound-rated doors, and more.

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Our Latest Project

New Custom Modern Stucco in Del Mar, CA

Custom Modern Stucco Del Mar, CANu Wall Inc. completed a custom remodel in Del Mar, CA. This project turned out beautiful, finished in a modern smooth stucco finish "Santa Barbara". We added custom colored aluminum reglets to the front of the house to match the finish on doors....


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