Commercial Steel Stud Framing for Your Encinitas Building

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steel framingAlthough wood studs have been considered a standard product in the construction of buildings, approximately 40 percent of commercial buildings are built with metal studs currently, so if you’re constructing a commercial building in Encinitas, commercial steel stud framing installed by drywall and stucco professionals may be the way to go.

Why Should You Use Metal Studs?

Many drywall and stucco experts recommend using metal studs because they’re lightweight, and they resist insects, rotting, and fire. Additionally, metal studs are more affordable than wood studs, and they don’t split or shrink. Metal studs are galvanized to prevent corrosion and are uniformly straight. Commercial property owners who value environmentally friendly products will be happy to know that steel studs are made from at least 25 percent recycled steel.

One disadvantage of steel studs is that they conduct cold, but as long as your drywall and stucco contractor apply insulation between the steel and the outside wall to serve as a thermal break, this problem is resolved.

Tools Required for a Professional Steel Stud Framing Installation

Tape Measure
Cordless Drill
Straight-Cut Aviation Metal Snips
Sheet-Metal Locking Pliers
Wire Cutter
Screw Gun

Contact Our Commercial Steel Stud Framing Experts

Commercial steel stud framing is appropriate for the construction of industrial, retail, office, and medical buildings. If you’re looking for a drywall and stucco company with experience in commercial steel stud framing installations, contact Nu Wall Inc. to discuss how this type of framing could benefit your Encinitas commercial property. Our skilled team will engage with you from the planning phase until the completion of the steel stud framing structure, and you’ll begin to enjoy the low maintenance costs, fire resistance, and environmental friendliness of steel stud framing.

If you are interested in learning more about drywall and stucco, call Nu Wall Inc. at 760-455-9793 or complete our online request form.