5 Types of Drywall Finishes to Consider for Your Poway Home

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textured wallPoway homeowners may not realize how they can customize their walls and ceilings with drywall finishing. If you’re hiring a drywall and stucco contractor for drywall application or repair services, consider the various types of drywall textures that your contractor offers. Drywall finishing serves multiple purposes, such as adding personality to the interior design of your home and covering defects in the surface of your walls or ceilings.

5 Types of Drywall Textures

– Knockdown – If you select a knockdown drywall finish, your drywall and stucco contractor will spray the drywall, let the large droplets dry partially, and then run a drywall knife along the tops of the globules. The knockdown texture has a subtle look that resembles stucco, and it’s often used to obscure imperfections on walls.
– Swirl – Swirl drywall finishes are usually applied to ceilings, but they can also be found on walls. The swirl texture is a pattern of partial circles that are stacked in rows. This finish requires professional expertise and skill.
– Slap Brush – Contractors use various brush techniques to apply drywall, and the texture depends on the stiffness of the bristles and the length of the brush. The slap brush method is associated with a messy application, but many homeowners enjoy the appearance of this finish. The slap brush texture covers imperfections well, and it’s also known as “crow’s feet,” “tiger skin,” “stomp brush,” and “panda paws.”
– Orange Peel – The orange peel finish is the most common drywall texture in homes, and it’s named after the appearance of the small droplets that form, resembling an orange peel. The technique for applying an orange peel finish is fairly simple, and your drywall and stucco contractor will just have to spray the drywall on the surface with an air compressor and a specialized nozzle, let it dry, prime, and then paint.
– Skip Trowel – A skip trowel finish is created by applying a thin layer of drywall mud and dragging a trowel in an arching pattern so that some of the mud is raised and some is flat. If you choose this drywall texture for your walls, be aware that heavy impact from furniture items can chip the finish.

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