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Is your house simply too noisy?  There are many factors that can add to noise in your home, such as hardwood floors, poor insulation, and thin walls.  If there isn’t much there to absorb the sound it will bounce around freely, traveling through your home, which can make keeping things quiet very difficult.

One of the best ways to lower the amount of noise traveling through your room is by undergoing soundproofing services provided by an experienced contractor.  By soundproofing rooms that produce a large amount of noise, such as entertainment rooms, bedrooms, or a production room for an aspiring musician, you can greatly lower the impact that any noise will have on the rest of your home.  Sound proofing can allow each and every member of your family to enjoy the peace and quiet that they need.

Our soundproofing services the coastal and inland communities of California extend beyond the home as well.  We can also address your commercial soundproofing needs for your office or place of work.  Depending on your line of work, the need for noise reduction between rooms may be rather extensive.  Soundproofing will allow you to get the privacy that is needed to keep workflow moving smoothly.

Proper soundproofing can also reduce the amount of noise being allowed into your home.  If you live by a busy interstate or an airport, there is a great deal of noise that you have to endure ever day.  Soundproofing will help to reduce the amount of noise coming out of the environment into your home, so the flow of traffic and liftoff of airplanes becomes less of a nuisance. 

Our Soundproofing Services

Nu Wall Inc. exceptional soundproofing services can provide you with the perfect solution to any noise-related issue that you might have, for both commercial and residential rooms.  Some of our services include:

  • Full room installation with soundproof walls
  • Sound-rated windows and doors
  • Drywall installation and finishing
  • Commercial metal stud framing
  • Customized soundproofing systems
  • Airtight Rooms for Medical Centers, Laboratories, and Industrial Buildings

Our experienced staff can evaluate the needs of your unique situation and provide you with the perfect soundproofing solution for any environment.  We will work with you to design and install new soundproofing that meets your needs, providing you with the quiet that you are after.

How Soundproofing Works

Your walls are rated by STC (Sound Transmission Class), which determines how well sound transmits through these materials.  This follows a standardized method of assessment universally used and accepted by designers, architects, and manufacturers.  This rating system determines how effectively they absorb noise, and older homes often end up suffering a much lower STC rating, due to not being built to take into account increases in noise pollution.

  • STC Ratings
  • Poor: 30-39
  • Good: 40-49
  • Better: 50-59
  • Excellent: 60-69

The higher an STC rating, the better that material is at absorbing the sound and reducing the amount that is allowed to penetrate it.  Thus to soundproof your home, you will want to make certain that you have properly insulated wall with high STC ratings which will help reduce noise to more acceptable levels.

There are a variety of ways that soundproofing can be conducted.  This is often done through use of specialized drywall and insulation to increase mass, or opening up of a wall or ceiling to boost space.  These changes will affect how noise transmits within the room, altering its acoustics, as well as how noise is able to enter into or escape the room.

By using the right materials and design options, you can greatly reduce the amount of noise pollution that your home suffers from.

Why Choose Us for your Soundproofing

With over 60+ years of industry experience, our company has developed a long standing tradition of customer quality that sets us apart from the competition.  We are well versed in the remodeling needs of our clientele and each of our fully licensed and insured contractors has the design know-how needed to provide you with the best results each and every time.  You cannot go wrong in turning to our expert staff.

Identify Your Noise Problem

soundproofing CarlsbadWhat is making that noise? Where is it coming from? Is the noise passing through the wall or vibrating through the wall? Once you have correctly diagnosed the noise source you can begin taking the proper steps to solve and isolate the problem.

Airborne Noise

Conversation, TV, radio and other noise that can actually pass through your wall is called airborne noise and is caused by walls that are too lightweight to sufficiently block the noise. This is a common problem with modern construction as the codes have not evolved to meet the demands of today's normal occurrences. Often office, residential and multi-family walls are built with 1/2" sheetrock more because it meets minimum code than for peaceful living or work environment.

Structure Borne Noise

The low frequency noise caused by home theaters, stereos or music practice is called structure borne noise. This noise can actually pass through a well insulated wall in the form of vibration. This is the kind of noise you can actually feel in your feet or with your hands.

What Will Help Stop Noise?

Space: The more space, the more reduction in sound levels. Many have solved their soundproofing issues by building staggered stud walls, double stud walls or installing De-coupling Clips. All of these methods help decouple the wall and increase the sound isolation.

Mass: The heavier the wall, floor or ceiling assembly the better it will work at blocking sound.

Dampening: Like a wine glass when you make it ring...but you can keep it quiet by holding it. You have to dampened the noise by retarding the vibrations.

You can achieve remarkable results combining space, mass and damping in your projects. Next lets look at evaluating your project and see what steps are need to solve your noise problem.

Measuring Sound

soundproofing CarlsbadNoise affects us everyday; at home, at leisure, during sleep, when traveling and at work. Taking an active role in making a room soundproof is not only soothing but could also yield noticeable health benefits. Below are a few things you should know about sound and how its measured.

What is STC?

STC Assessment:

  • Poor: 30 - 39
  • Good: 40 - 49
  • Better: 50 - 59
  • Excellent: 60 - 69
STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. This is a method of gauging sound transmission loss through a wall. The American Standards and Testing Materials criteria is universally accepted by architects, designers, manufacturers, contractors and distributors of acoustical building products. The original acceptability of STC 34 walls must be reconsidered with the advent of increasing noise pollution.

What are dBs?

Noise pollution

In general, noise pollution refers to any noise irritating to one's ear which comes from an external source.
While an STC rating is given in terms of points, the data is given in terms of decibels. A decibel, or dB, is a unit measure reflecting "how loud" a sound is. A sound pressure level of 0 dB represents the threshold of hearing in the most sensitive frequency range of a young, healthy ear, while the thresholds of tickling or painful sensations in the ear occur at about 120 to 130 dB.

Common Sound

Noise Level


Hearing begins

0 dB

10 dB

Just Audible

Broadcasting Studio

20 dB

Soft whisper

30 dB

Very quiet

Quiet Office

40 dB

Light Auto Traffic

50 dB



60 dB

Noisy Restaurant

70 dB


Alarm Clock

80 dB

City Traffic

90 dB


Garbage Truck

100 dB

Rock Concert

110 dB

Very Loud

Jet Taking Off

120 dB


130 dB

Extremely Loud

Air Raid Siren

140 dB

Rocket Launching

180 dB

Hearing loss

Luxury Sound Ratings

soundproofing CarlsbadOne of the most comprehensive guidelines established can be obtained from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Guide to Airborne, Impact, and Structure Borne Noise Control in Multifamily Dwellings.


Grade I is applicable primarily in suburban and peripheral suburban residential areas, which might be considered as the "quiet" locations and as such the nighttime exterior noise levels might be about 35-40 dB(A) or lower, as measured using the "A" weighting network of sound level meter which meets the current standards. The recommended permissible interior noise environment is characterized by noise criteria of NC 20-25 (32 dB(A)). In addition, the insulation criteria of this grade are applicable in certain special cases such as dwelling units above the eighth floor in high-rise buildings and the better class or "luxury" buildings, regardless of location.


Grade II is the most important category and is applicable primarily in residential urban and suburban areas considered to have the "average" noise environment. The nighttime exterior noise levels might be about 40-45 dB(A); and the permissible interior noise environment should not exceed NC 25-30 (37dB(A)) characteristics.


Grade III criteria should be considered as minimal recommendations and are applicable in some urban areas which generally are considered as "noisy" locations. The nighttime exterior noise levels might be about 55 dB(A) or higher. It is recommended that the interior noise environment should not exceed the NC 35 (42 dB(A)) characteristic.

Soundproofing Chart Carlsbad


  • 1. The most desirable plan would have the floor-ceiling assembly separating spaces with equivalent functions, e.g. living room above living room, etc.; however when this arrangement is not feasible the assembly must have greater acoustical insulating properties.
  • 2. This arrangement requires greater impact sound insulation than the converse, where a sensitive area is above a less sensitive area.
  • 3. Or dining, family, or recreation room.
  • 4. The airborne STC criteria in this table apply as well to vertical partitions between these two spaces.
  • 5. This arrangement requires equivalent airborne sound insulation and perhaps less impact sound insulation than the converse.

If you are in need of soundproofing for your home or business then please call Nu Wall Inc. at 760-455-9793 or complete our online request form.