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Soundproofing – The Perfect Solution For Keeping Sound…In?

Category: Soundproofing

soundproofing-escondidoSoundproofing your Escondido home isn’t always about acoustic absorption to keep sound from reverberating around your walls. In general, most people use sound proofing to eliminate the effects of exterior noise, not noise they generate in the house. Sometimes you want ways to completely trap sound within a certain room of the house, which requires a different approach than keeping sound from in the home.

Let’s face it, sometimes when you’re human, you want and need to make a lot of noise. Nothing is more true than a teenager who’s going through some defiant periods in life and want to have all the noise they want. Unfortunately, the sounds they choose are likely not something that’s particularly pleasing to your ears, and certainly isn’t at the volume you may prefer. Instead, sounds of the latest, loudest, and craziest tunes you’ve ever heard wind up shaking your home up and down from top to bottom.

There’s something we can do for you about that! It’s professional application of soundproofing for your home. Soundproofing can be installed to keep noise out or keep noise in. For a noisy teen, there couldn’t be a more perfect solution than soundproofing the room they’re enjoying all that loud music in. Keeping the sound in with the right soundproofing, keeps the sound away from the rest of the home and out of your neighbors complaint zone.

Sometimes, it’s not the loud music you want to keep trapped in a certain room. Perhaps you need some privacy in certain areas of your home, like the master bedroom where you and your spouse spend time talking. You wouldn’t want anyone hearing those late night conversations, so soundproofing your bedroom can be a great way to maintain your grown up privacy.

Then again, you could plan to remodel a room or add on and want to use it for a man cave or some other type of home theater entertainment room where you want sound to stay in and not filter out to the rest of the house or the neighborhood.

  • Man Caves
  • Home Theater Rooms
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Basements

Do you have neighbors that complain when you want to work on projects in your garage or workshop in the middle of the night? Keep your sound in and do whatever you want when you want. It’s your home, and there are ways to ensure you can be free to do as you please within your own private environment.

The perfect Escondido soundproofing option will keep sound where you want it to stay. Whether you want to keep sound from entering your home from the outdoors or keep your sound private in your home or just a room or two, we have the solutions you need at Westco Contractors.

We’re the experts in Escondido to take care of your soundproofing needs. We can handle all your special textures, stucco, drywall repair, painting and more. When you’re looking for professionals to handle your special Escondido remodeling needs, come to the contractors you know you can trust at Westco Contractors. Give us a call today and we’ll help you figure out the perfect solutions for your home!

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