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Common Stucco Repair Problems and Professional Solutions in San Marcos

Category: Stucco Repair

Stucco siding is a beautiful addition to any San Marcos home. Stucco provides homeowners with a unique Southwestern look that is beyond compare. The textured finish of stucco is always unique, so when you install stucco siding, you will always have a truly one-of-a-kind San Marcos residence.

Your stucco siding also provides long-lasting and durable protection to the interior of your San Marcos home. When any damage occurs, the stucco must be repaired as soon as possible in order to ensure that your home is protected to the utmost. If left unrepaired, stucco damage can cause leaks and hastened deterioration of your stucco siding.

Because stucco is a unique textured surface, San Marcos homeowners often have difficultly repairing stucco. As such, a San Marcos homeowner may consider the maintenance to be too much and therefore may forego having any stucco surfaces whatsoever. This mentality is completely unnecessary because stucco repair contractors can easily resolve any stucco problems.

The stucco repair experts at Westco Contractors have over sixty years of combined experience of repairing interior and exterior finishes. With this wealth of experience, they have developed the skill and technique to repair stucco quickly, expertly, and cost-effectively. Their stucco repair experts provide the following useful pieces of information for San Marcos residents concerned about stucco repair.

Moisture Causes Stucco Repair Problems

The most common cause of stucco repair problems in San Marcos is moisture. Exterior siding stucco is always combating adverse weather conditions. Moisture can cause mold, bugs, rot, peeling paint, decomposition, efflorescence, and numerous other stucco problems. Moisture can even cause substantial cracks in stucco that need to be repaired immediately.

For cement stucco, moisture can cause cracks to develop when it becomes trapped in the wall. As the exterior temperature fluctuates, the moisture can expand and contract, causing the stucco to crack. Once a crack develops it must be repaired immediately, because stucco that is left unrepaired can deteriorate quickly.

Moisture can also cause stucco efflorescence. This condition is when salt accumulates on the exterior of your stucco home as it is deposited from evaporating water. This moisture most often is transferred from the ground. Efflorescence is in common association with stucco paint peeling.

Paint peeling is often a result of a combination of moisture and poor installation. Any numbers of stucco installation or repair deficiencies can cause premature paint peeling. The most common poor installation techniques are flashing, caulking, or painting film insufficiencies. That is why it is important to hire a professional licensed contractor to conduct all stucco repair services on your San Marcos property.

The stucco repair team at Westco Contractors has the experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship to repair all of the above mentioned stucco repair issues. With their expert help and stucco repair services, you and your family can love the unique look of your San Marcos home and never have to worry about stucco maintenance again.

If you need to hire a professional stucco repair contractor in San Marcos, call Westco Contractors at 858-703-6040, or fill out our online request form.